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Old 4th July 2024, 10:43 AM
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Full Name: Bill Starling
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Default The Lophams' Vintage Rally, June 2024.

The Lophams - North and South - are two villages in south Norfolk, near Diss. They have recently instigated an annual 'vintage' rally. Although heavily outnumbered by internal combustion, there was an interesting steam presence. (I'm told it stopped raining soon after I left!)

Three portables were in action. The most unusual being this R Hornsby & Sons Ltd - i.e. pre Ruston & Hornsby - example with a compressor cylinder in tandem with the steam cylinder.

I believe it was used to provide an air supply for divers.

Next in line was this 1913 3 hp Garrett, supplied to France and recently repatriated. It must have been well looked after, as it still has the original firebox and barrel, also the hexagons on the fixtures and fittings are remarkably 'unbutchered'.

The final portable was the sole surviving example from the local firm of Youngs of Diss.

This was later belted to a very well preserved Foster drum. Together with the Garrett, these all belong to members of the Wheeler family. The drum had one feature I've not noticed before, a plate comemorating the Coronation of King George VI in 1937.

The oldest self-moving engine was Burrell agricultural 'The Old Chap' from 1891. Unfortunately 'he' suffered a derangement of the firebars while roading in, possibly caused by strakes and no suspension not agreeing with today's unyielding road surfaces.

Also roading in was 'Queen Mary' the Burrell Showman's from the Charles Burrell museum in Thetford.

She was later seen, together with her magnificent display of lamps, alongside a revitalised 'The Old Chap'.

The final engine to arrive was Foden lorry 'Boadicea'.

There was a nice selection of miniatures too, including this Garrett and the unusual - in miniature form - Fowler ploughing engine.

Happily the rain did not put off the miniatures from parading.

Thanks to all involved in this enjoyable - but wet - show.
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Old 4th July 2024, 12:21 PM
Steamhead21 Steamhead21 is offline
Full Name: Peter Harris
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many thanks for the photos
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Old 6th July 2024, 10:23 AM
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Full Name: Jonathan Wheeler
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Its a shame there is no Like button anymore....

Thanks for recording this nice little event, Bill. A good time had by all!
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Old 7th July 2024, 07:45 AM
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@jonathan the like button was an add on from another vendor which has been discontinued. We hope to have something when David sorts out the database and upgrade.

Excellent photos showing the gritty side of preservation.

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Old 7th July 2024, 07:52 AM
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Great pictures - many thanks. The two crew under 'Old Chap' look soaked! Hopefully they got things sorted.

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Old 8th July 2024, 07:58 AM
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Full Name: Stuart Hines
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That's because it poured down most of the morning!!

The Old Chap is owned by my old chap and when we ashed out in the morning we found that the front firebar rail had fell off, so we stripped it down and managed to replace it in time to light up and take part min the ring parade win the afternoon. so no harm done.
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