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International Steam 8th August 2022 03:30 PM

Torbay Steam Fair 2022
We attended on Sunday on a gloriously sunny day.

As had been trailed, the fair has moved but not very far.

Opinions seem divided on whether it represented an improvement...

I was also at South Cerney on Friday and Saturday but as there were twice as many engines there and other reports have appeared I decided to process Torbay first.

Before I can do the second report, I need to do some selective watering of what is a very dry garden...

trfdevon 9th August 2022 08:54 AM

I was there in miniature steam. The new site was fine with the exception of being unbelievably rough. I had issues with things coming loose, another lost a drive pin retainer and freewheeled down a gentle slope. Even in the ring with lots of full size going over and over the same patch, the ground was like broken concrete.

The new site was laid out reasonably well, I pitched up in front of the ring so the wife had something to watch over the three days. If anything, it was a little more cosy as there wasn't the same amount of flat land as the previous site, but the slopey parts were either used as car parking or for ploughing demonstrations.

Apparently the change was to do with the land owner choosing to not allowing them to use it all. There's more to it than I will discuss on here, but it wasn't entirely financially motivated. I guess the committee looked it this site as something to allow a show to go on and then decide what to do in the future.

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