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Old 20th June 2017, 08:39 AM
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Originally Posted by 4040 View Post
Can't imagine that is so....(sorry,can't be bothered to look up google)....If that were the case, then how are people still getting away with making fairy tell engines out of rollers and lying to the DVLA and insurance companies once they have butchered them?

Originally Posted by ferguson_tom View Post
May well be strictly true however in reality i dont think the DVLA will care or be able to prove either way if a headstock (or any part for that matter) is original or not, none of them i know of have any ID markings apart from the casting numbers which would be the same on all the relevant types.

In practice you are probably both right, but by the letter, if conversions/reversions are regarded as radically altered or reconstructed vehicles then they only qualify to retain their original registrations by re-using (on a points system) genuine parts from a SINGLE vehicle.Chassis components carry a higher points rating than suspension components, a headstock is a chassis component, a perch bracket/axle is a suspension component a NEW headstock has had no previous I/D as a vehicle component and therefore would be legit,a used one has had previous I/D and therefore would constitute part of a second vehicle. Similarly a NEW perch bracket/axle has no I/D but a used one has. This does of course mean that if a roller was converted say 30 years ago, before these things mattered (in law) it probably retained it's original registration BUT if it were to be reverted, using components from another roller, then, on the assumption that whatever VOSA is called now required to inspect it, and could determine that it contained previously used parts from a second vehicle, then DVLA would be within it's remit to require re-registration as age related or possibly Q plate.

Just as a matter of interest, how many roller/tractor conversions have been carried out in, say the last 30 years? (since 1987)
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