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The Idle Fellow 12th August 2017 07:54 PM

Little Ellingham Vintage Working Show
This is a nice event in rural Norfolk. Although there was a preponderance of internal combustion, there were around a dozen steamers of most types, excepting lorries. Rather than post pictures of local engines which I have probably shown before, here's the story of what the commentator called 'A Kodak moment'.

It started because the Burrell SCC 2626 of 1903, 'Spitfire', had trouble with it's governor. This lead to a rare chance to see inside the valve chest.

For the parade it was decided to tow the engine with Burrell DCC roller 4061 of 1927. Not a very good picture, but note the Thurlow Nunn stand in the background. They were sometime major engine dealers and agents.

They were followed into the ring by another Burrell SCC, 3420 of 1912 'The Duchess'.

Recent heavy rain lead to the roller getting bogged down on the way out of the ring.

So the Duchess coupled up to the back of Spitfire,

and pulled her clear of the roller.

Whereupon something very large, modern and un-photogenic pushed the roller onto firmed ground.


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